Animation & Fx that makes you wonder

JustVFX is a unique post production &3DAnimation, Gaming, AR VR, visual effects studiostarted by vfx professionals. As creatives involved in the industry, we understandthevaried and unique nature of our clients’ requirements be it in quality, budget, urgency or security.

JustVFX is located in a highly secured facility, focused on delivering high quality and fast turnaround work with a goal of satisfying all ourclients. JustVFX Studios has highly creativeandpassionate team that cover commercials, E Lerning, TV series, and Feature Film.

Specializing in 3D Animation, LRC(experts Lighting, Rendering, Compositing), Fx matchmove (Object and Camera Tracking), Rotomation (Body Tracking) and Live compositing, we cater to all your needs.

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